An Invitation from ASA President Paula England

I invite ASA members to post comments on this new blog. It is a place where members can comment on ASA issues, and on public issues of particular interest to sociologists.

Members may want to use this space to talk about public sociology. We can discuss how to engage sociologists in public debates and get their voices heard. We can discuss the pros and cons of such engagement, including when ASA should or shouldn’t take a stand on public issues. And we can debate or brainstorm about ASA’s internal policies.

We are requiring those who post to provide their name, hoping that this encourages accuracy and civility, and discourages personal attacks.

Please initiate or join in discussions here!


  1. The new website speak for sociology is fantastic idea by ASA. This is a fact that sociology is considered as a step son in most of the under developed and developing country and there is depreciation rather than appreciation of this discipline in these countries..All person having some conscious mind and a taste for this neglected discipline must join this movement speak for sociology

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